October 6 is World Smile Day. As your dentist, we obviously think it’s a day worth celebrating! The best way to do that is by sharing your grin with those around you. If dental problems keep you from doing that, we want to help. 

Don’t let another World Smile Day pass without having a grin that makes you feel good about yourself. At our Cumming, GA office, you can:

  • Repair damaged teeth with services like fillings, crowns, and root canals
  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants or dental bridges
  • Make your smile more beautiful with cosmetic treatments like veneers and whitening

Call us at 770-738-4103 today to schedule your next appointment. 

The story behind World Smile Day is an interesting one. The day was created by Harvey Ball, the illustrator who created the cheerful, bright yellow face smiley face design in 1963. He was paid just $45 for his design and never copyrighted it. He feared the symbol he created in 1963 had become overly commercial. So in 1999, World Smile Day was launched in an effort to bring it back to its humble beginnings as a morale booster. The story of Ball’s invention (including his lack of a copyright) is briefly related in this short video.