We’re your dentist. So we want you to kick smoking for a healthier smile in 2023. We’d like to help! Why not start the year with a dental cleaning that will give your mouth a fresh look and feel and hopefully inspire you to keep it that way. 

We will also give you an exam, which will include a check for signs of oral cancer. This disease is far more common in smokers. You’ll lower your risk when you quit. Your health will improve in many other ways too, as seen in this short video. You will begin seeing health benefits almost right away, as your heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal within 20 minutes of smoking your final cigarette. 

The video doesn’t spell out the benefits to your oral health that happen when you stop smoking, but there are plenty of them. You won’t have nicotine-stained teeth, chronic bad breath, and dry mouth. You’ll be less prone to gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. 

Here are some suggestions to help you quit. Feel free to ask us about more ideas when you visit our Cumming, GA office.

  • Go ahead and get rid of cigarettes, lighters, and similar items
  • Load an app on your phone for 24/7 support on quitting
  • Ask others not to smoke when around you and don’t put yourself in situations where you know lots of people will be smoking
  • Use sugar-free hard candy and chew sugar-free gum as substitutes for smoking

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