Fall in Cumming, GA, is so many of our patients’ favorite time of year. We can enjoy a new Football season, Halloween for our kids (and the kids at heart), Thanksgiving with friends and family, and cooler temperatures. But as the season changes, new challenges arise to keep your family’s smile safe.   

In the midst of all of the wonderful food and activities fall has to offer, it’s essential to take care of our oral health. Inspiring Smiles has a few easy ways to enjoy your favorite activities and keep your mouth healthy and teeth intact. 

1. Dental Cleaning: 

Start the season with a dental cleaning and exam. With all the events coming up, you want to make sure your teeth and gums are functioning at their best, without cracks or potential problems. An exam can discover potential issues that may arise, and a cleaning will help you start the season off with a fresh, clean smile. 

2. Skip Hard Candy: 

Avoid Halloween candy that may be too gummy, sticky, or hard. Chewing on hard candy can crack teeth and cause breakage. Sticky candy, though tasty, can pull loose fillings right out of your mouth.   

3. Protect Your Kids’ Teeth:

If your kids play football this fall, make sure they wear a mouthguard. Mouthguards can protect your child’s teeth against damaging collisions and broken teeth. 

These are just a few helpful tips to make this fall safe and fun for your whole family. But, if you suffer a dental accident, don’t worry! We’re always ready to help you with your dental emergency.  If you’re ready to ensure your teeth are functioning their best and ready for fall fun, call Inspiring Smiles at 770-738-4103 for an appointment or schedule online today!