Oral Surgery Preserve Your Smile With Surgery
  • Make room for a healthier & straighter smile
  • Take care of painful & problematic teeth
  • Get a painless procedure with dental sedation

Get Your Mouth In Shape With Oral Surgery In Cumming, GA

Everyone at our office wants you to have the healthiest mouth that you can. In some instances, that means you may need oral surgery. In Cumming, GA, we can help you:

  • Repair the effects of gum disease
  • Remove infected gum tissue
  • End the pain of damaged teeth
  • Take out problematic teeth
  • Help you prepare for orthodontic care or teeth replacement

In our doctors’ skilled hands, you can receive the treatment you need and deserve at Inspiring Smiles. Call 770-738-4103 to start with a consultation.

Solve Problems With Dental Surgery

Having surgery on your mouth is a big step, but sometimes it is the best option for your long-term oral health. At our practice we can perform these procedures:

  • Tooth Extractions — When teeth are severely damaged, removing and replacing them can provide a good way to restore the appearance and function of healthy teeth. Extractions also can help alleviate crowding and may make it easier to replace missing teeth.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal — Third molars can create crowding, pain, and increase the risk of cavities and gum disease. For many people, removing these teeth can prevent decades of problems.
  • LANAP® — This procedure uses dental lasers rather than a scalpel to remove infected gum tissue, leaving healthy tissue untouched. This means a quicker and more comfortable procedure and a faster recovery.
  • Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique® — For anyone with gum recession due to a periodontal infection or other issues, this procedure can restore your gumline. Unlike a gum graft, no incisions or stitches are used.

Having any kind of dental surgery can be a reason to feel anxious. We understand this, which is why we offer three levels of dental sedation for our patients. We are certified to offer nitrous, oral, and IV sedation for our patients. That means you can trust that you will remain pain-free during your procedure at our office.

If you have been considering oral surgery in Cumming, GA, it’s time to talk to one of our doctors. Call 770-738-4103 or schedule online for an appointment at Inspiring Smiles.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

What are oral surgery services?

At Inspiring Smiles, we are proud to offer a variety of oral surgical procedures at our office. Tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth removals, are something we do regularly for our patients. We also can perform the LANAP® laser procedure to remove infected gum tissues. To restore a damaged gumline, we can use the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique®.

When do you need oral surgery?

Oral surgery is needed for specific dental problems. For severely damaged or infected teeth, restorative dentistry may not be enough. Instead, tooth removal and replacement can be a better option. For severe cases of periodontal disease, gum surgery can remove infected tissue and prevent the further spread of the disease. These are just a few examples of times when oral surgery can be beneficial.

Will oral surgery hurt?

When you come to Inspiring Smiles, we offer sedation to make dental surgeries as pain-free as possible. A vast majority of patients have told us they did not feel anything during their procedure. It is normal to have some soreness after many dental surgical procedures, but our team will be happy to advise you on steps to take to reduce your soreness as you recover.

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