Tooth Fillings Maintain An Attractive Smile
  • Bite & chew without pain or problems again
  • Choose metal-free fillings to restore your smile
  • Sign up for our membership plan to save money

Repair Your Bite With Tooth Fillings In Cumming, GA

No one wants cavities, but they are the most common oral health problem in the United States. Fortunately, you can fix that issue with tooth fillings in Cumming, GA. This service can:

  • Bring back your ability to bite and chew without pain
  • Prevent additional tooth decay
  • Avoid more serious problems down the road
  • Restore the color of your affected teeth

Taking care of decay today can spare you bigger issues tomorrow. Call 770-738-4103 to get your dental filling at Inspiring Smiles.

Metal-Free Dental Fillings Make Beautiful Restorations

Fillings are the most basic option in restorative dentistry. Statistically, you are probably going to need one at some point in your life. According to the National Institutes of Health, 92 percent of Americans will have at least one cavity during their lives.

At one time, metal fillings were your only option. These fillings were good at restoring the function of your teeth. They also offered good protection against additional decay. But they could stand out from the rest of your smile. At our office, we offer metal-free fillings for our patients. This means you can get the same benefits as metal fillings while also having a natural-looking smile.

Of course, we want to help you prevent cavities whenever you can. You can save money while saving your smile by signing up for our in-house membership plan. An annual fee covers the cost of routine care like exams and cleanings and offers discounts on other services.

Choose The Simple Solution For Your Smile

While fillings are fast and effective ways to fix small problems, we have seen that dental anxiety can prevent people from getting the care they need. We want your visits with us to be as pain-free and worry-free as possible. By taking advantage of our sedation options, you can get painless fillings from our team.

To place a filling, we:

  • Numb your tooth, provide sedation, or both
  • Remove decay from your tooth
  • Apply a composite resin
  • Shade and polish the filling so it looks like part of your natural tooth

Don’t wait another day to get help with your cavities. Call 770-738-4103 to make an appointment for tooth fillings in Cumming, GA at Inspiring Smiles, or schedule online.

Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

Are tooth fillings safe?

For many years, tooth fillings have been a safe way to address dental decay, whether in amalgam or composite form. We like to focus on metal-free, tooth-colored fillings here, and we always administer them according to modern standards of safety. One way or another we will safely help you restore your oral health following an incidence of cavities.

How long do tooth fillings last?

At the end of the dental fillings procedure, Dr. Barden or another member of the Inspiring Smiles team will provide you with instructions on caring for your new filling. We have found that the composite fillings we use usually last five to seven years with proper care. However, they can last even longer if your home oral hygiene is always on point and you visit us for regular cleanings at our office.

Are tooth fillings covered by insurance?

Fillings are often covered in part by dental insurance. We’ll help you decode your coverage to see what your specific policy will allow for, and we’ll identify any remaining costs that you will be responsible for so there won’t be any surprises. Regardless, fillings are a cost-effective measure that can save your smile from a more costly repair down the road.

When can I eat after a tooth filling?

You’ll want to wait a couple of hours after your tooth filling before you eat. Even after that time has passed, you’ll want to avoid really chewy or hard-to-eat foods for up to 48 hours and focus on soft foods instead. The last thing you want is for your filling to come loose. Beyond that point, you should be fine to eat all the foods you love again! Your dentist will give you more detailed aftercare instructions after the procedure to ensure you understand how to protect your smile.

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