Orthodontics Enjoy Convenient, Comfortable Care
  • Eliminate issues that have bothered you for years
  • Get the results you want with our orthodontic options
  • Correct your flawed smile without conventional braces

Straighten Your Teeth Sooner With Orthodontics In Cumming

Patients of all ages and backgrounds are interested in improving their lives through orthodontic care. Yet many of them are reluctant to get classic metal braces, knowing they will remain on display for two or three long years. With our discreet orthodontics in Cumming. you can:

  • Straighten out your crooked, gapped or crowded teeth
  • Overcome an overbite or other bite-related problems
  • Get the smile you deserve without investing a ton of time
  • Clean your smile easier thanks to straighter teeth
  • Experience a higher level of confidence

You might be surprised how easy it is to take action to fix your grin. Call us today at 770-738-4103 to request a consultation.

Find The Right Orthodontic Option For You

It’s no surprise that some people don’t want to move forward with traditional orthodontic treatment given that patients are sometimes forced to wear braces for 18 months or more. Nobody has time for that, especially busy professionals. We offer several types of orthodontic treatments that are especially well suited to adults. Each method offers unique benefits:

  • Six Month Smiles – With Six Months Smiles, improvements are made to the front teeth that show when you smile. This treatment is more comfortable since fewer teeth are moved and typically takes about six months. Plus, since the brackets are ceramic, they are more discreet than regular metal braces.
  • ClearCorrect – This technology uses the latest digital mapping and molding technology to solve a wide array of orthodontic problems. You will wear a series of custom-made aligners that are made of smooth and comfortable plastic. Treatment generally takes about 12 months.
  • Inman Aligner System – Rather than a series of aligners, the Inman Aligner is a single removable appliance used to align your front teeth quickly and safely. Because this treatment focuses primarily on your smile zone,  most cases can be completed within 18 weeks.

When you see us for your consultation, we will work with you to determine which treatment is best for your mouth. Typically, aligners work well for:

  • Patients who want to fix their smile without brackets and wires
  • Teens and adults who only struggle with mild orthodontic issues
  • Folks dealing with a gapped, crowded, or crooked set of teeth
  • Anyone who wants to correct their issues in a timely fashion

You may even want to combine your orthodontic care with a cosmetic enhancement for an even greater smile transformation. Teeth whitening, for example, can be a really nice complement to orthodontic care.

For orthodontics in Cumming, schedule a consultation with us today at 770-738-4103 or schedule online.

Common Questions About Orthodontics

Who will orthodontics work for?

At our office, we have found that teenagers as well as adults well beyond their school years can benefit in a big way from an orthodontic treatment. Our dentists will start with a consultation during which they will examine your mouth using digital X-rays, 3-D imaging, and special cameras to see if we can correct issues like overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, overcrowding, and gaps between your teeth.

How soon will I see results from orthodontics?

We offer clear aligners through which a patient can often complete orthodontic treatment in only about 12 months, which is far less time than it would take to transform your teeth with conventional braces. However, we can do it even faster with the Six Month Smiles program that focuses on your smile zone and uses a modified version of braces.

Are any orthodontics invisible?

Yes! Nowadays there are orthodontic solutions that are very discreet and nearly invisible. Our clear orthodontic aligner trays, for example, are made of a smooth, comfortable, and clear plastic material. They allow you to “fly under the radar” for the duration of your orthodontic transformation. To find out more about invisible orthodontics, schedule your consultation with Dr. Barden today!

Is ClearCorrect painful?

Treatment with ClearCorrect is more comfortable than braces. Unlike traditional braces that use an archwire that must be tightened periodically, aligners gently move your teeth into their ideal location. You’ll progress through a series of aligners during your treatment, with each one slightly different from the one before. You won’t have to deal with the painful feeling of tightening any wires.

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