With prices on so many things continuing to rise with inflation, you obviously want to cut costs as much as possible. We get it! Fortunately, you’ll find ways to save on your dental care at our office.

If you need an appointment in Cumming, GA, call us at 770-738-4103. In the meantime, check out some cost-cutting strategies for your smile care:

  • Don’t Skip Regular Exams and Cleanings – You may decide to save a little by skipping your exams and cleanings. But it’s not a good idea. Doing so may allow small issues like a cavity or early signs of gum disease to go undetected. These kinds of issues can turn into much more expensive problems if not addressed in their early stages. Cleanings are important too. They remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your teeth to keep them free of disease. Like the American Dental Association, we suggest getting an exam and cleaning every six months. 
  • Treat Problems in a Timely Manner – As mentioned above, a small problem will cost more to fix if it’s not repaired ASAP. This affects both your budget and your dental health. It’s easy to repair a tooth with a filling if decay is spotted early on. For more severe decay, you’ll need a dental crown or even a root canal to save your tooth. Both of those services cost far more than a filling. 
  • Save on Facial Rejuvenation – Just because you’re watching your budget doesn’t mean you don’t want to continue to do nice things for yourself. You’ll look younger with facial fillers, and you can save on them by joining the Alle Loyalty Program. These treatments are a way of investing in yourself, as they give you more confidence to pursue new opportunities. 
  • Join Our Membership Plan – Our Membership Plan is a great way to control your dental budget. For just $99 a year, you’ll get an exam with digital X-rays and a CBCT scan. Plus, you’ll save on many other services too. You also won’t have to worry about insurance hassles like benefit limits or claim denials. 

Ready to save on your dental care? Call Inspiring Smiles now to schedule an appointment. Or schedule online