There’s a reason dentures have been around for centuries. They are a reliable way to replace teeth. Still, they are far from perfect. You’ll get a far more natural feel and function with dental implants

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In the meantime, check out some ways that implants outperform dentures, Compared to regular dentures, dental implant dentures:

  • Won’t Embarrass You – Regular dentures are prone to slipping out of place, especially if you don’t use adhesive, since they are held in place by suction. Once implants are inserted into your jaw, they fuse to the bone and provide an incredibly stable foundation for your replacement teeth. No more embarrassing slips!
  • Feel Better – Since implant dentures won’t shift and move, they are also more comfortable than regular dentures. There’s no unpleasant rubbing against your gums. 
  • Keep You Looking Younger – Implants act like natural tooth roots in your jaw. That means they stimulate the bone around lost teeth to keep it strong and healthy. Your bone won’t shrink and give your face an unattractive sunken look. 
  • Give You a More Varied Diet – Implant dentures also keep your bite strong enough to enjoy all kinds of food, even treats like crisp apples and corn-on-the-cob. In contrast, regular dentures tend to limit you to easy-to-chew foods. 
  • Need No Special Care – 

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