As your dentist, we’re gearing up to celebrate National Flossing Day on November 24. Every day is a good day to floss. But it’s especially important if you’ve been eating more than usual. (And who doesn’t do that on Thanksgiving?) Whether you floss only occasionally or do it diligently every day, we’ve got some tips to make you a better flosser.

Need to see us for a checkup (or something else) in Cumming, GA? Call us today at 770-738-4103. In the meantime, check out our tips that will help you get better results from flossing your teeth:

  • Floss Every Day – Frequency is three-quarters of what it takes to be an effective flosser. Research shows that only about 30 percent of adults floss every day. Worse, about 32 percent of people say they never floss. Make it a daily habit. 
  • Find a Routine That Works – To establish a flossing habit, find a routine that works for you. It doesn’t matter whether you floss before or after brushing your teeth. It also doesn’t matter if you do it in the morning or right before bed. Just find what works best for you and be consistent about it. 
  • Improve Your Flossing Technique – Many of us have never really been shown how to floss teeth. This video from the American Dental Association shows you the most effective way to do it. We’re also happy to give you a lesson next time you visit our office. 
  • Use a Dental Floss You Like – It’s common to have a preference for one of the two kinds of floss: waxed or unwaxed. Some people like waxed, as it tends to be easier to slide in between teeth. Unwaxed has its fans too, as it is thinner than waxed floss. You can also buy flavored floss to make it a more pleasant activity. Shop around and use the one that feels best to you. 
  • Know Your Alternatives – No matter how much you practice, it can be tough for some people to use floss. Fortunately, there are good alternatives to regular dental floss. The ADA approves of using a water flosser, which removes substances from in between teeth with a stream of water. Waterpik is a well-known brand, but there are others on the market. Interdental brushes are often recommended for those who wear braces. Pre-threaded floss simplifies the process. 

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