If you’re like most parents, you do what you can to help your child do well in school – from checking their homework to packing them a good lunch. One obvious way to help is by making sure they don’t miss class. Studies show that kids who miss class more than their peers score lower on standardized tests. Keeping your child healthy – and that includes a healthy smile – means they won’t be absent as often. 

Dental-related illness definitely contributes to school absenteeism. According to this American Dental Association video, it accounts for more than 50 millions hour of time lost in the classroom every year. We don’t want your child to be part of that statistic! 

If your summer was so busy you didn’t have time to schedule an exam for your child in Cumming, GA, go ahead and do it now. An exam gives us a chance to find issues like cavities. That way, they can be treated before they result in the kind of problem that could lead your loved one to miss class. We’ll also clean their teeth, which helps prevent dental problems from occurring. We may also recommend preventive treatments like sealants and/or fluoride to give them an added degree of protection. 

For a healthy smile, schedule your child’s next exam at Inspiring Smiles by calling 770-738-4103. You can also schedule online.