We don’t know about you, but we can speak for ourselves and our patients – we’re excited about the Fourth of July this year! We’ll be reuniting with some loved ones we haven’t seen in a while to celebrate our nation’s birthday. We hope you will also have a wonderful day with those you hold dear.

Even if you’re looking forward to the holiday, you can’t truly enjoy every aspect of it if you have loose dentures:

  • Talking and laughing with your family is an opportunity not to catch up but to catch your dentures if they start falling out.
  • Singing along to the Independence Day playlist forces you to hold your dentures in your mouth rather than belting it out during your favorite songs.
  • And eating – well, your plate might be full of soft, colorless, bland foods rather than the sweet corn on the cob and mouthwatering steak everyone else is enjoying.

You don’t have to hold back during times of celebration – or any time, any day. With dental implants, you can gain your freedom from bad dentures. Find out more below, then call us to start the path to your own independence day: 770-738-4103.

Be Free to Be Yourself With Tooth Implants

Loose dentures take away daily freedoms that you might have compensated for so much over the years, you don’t even realize what you’re missing. Implants are embedded in your jaw and become part of your body, so they are a strong foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and work virtually as well as real teeth.

Here are some of the freedoms you’ll regain when you choose implant-supported teeth:

  • Teeth that function like healthy teeth without slipping out
  • Eating what you want, including nutritious foods and “real” foods
  • Tasting your food without dentures covering the roof of your mouth
  • Enjoying going out to eat and socializing with others over food
  • Better health because of a better diet and better digestion through proper chewing
  • Improved oral health since your jawbone is preserved by regular use again
  • Reduced risk of decay and disease
  • Talking like normal – no clicking, slurring, or repeating yourself
  • Smiling again whenever you feel with natural-looking teeth
  • Speaking up when you want to – at work, at a job interview, with a romantic interest, or anywhere in public
  • Making good first impressions
  • Halting the aging process since your jawbone won’t deteriorate like it does with implants
  • A healthier, more attractive, more successful appearance
  • A friendlier, more approachable demeanor since you can show off your contagious smile and talk freely
  • The confidence to move forward with your life goals, including your career
  • No more reliance on adhesives or cleaning solutions for many implant options
  • A lifelong solution to loose dentures

We Help Bring Your Freedom Within Reach

If you’re like a lot of our implant patients, you might long for all these things to be restored in your life but are hesitant to move forward. We want everyone to experience the life-changing benefits of implant dentistry, regardless of why they’re wearing dentures in the first place. So we make your new smile – and life – within reach with:

  • Payment options, including insurance, our in-house membership plan, and multiple financing options for low monthly payments
  • A highly trained dentist who ensures your needs and goals are met so you get the results you deserve
  • Three forms of sedation so you can stay worry-free during your care, perhaps even sleep through it
  • Individualized attention and respect from our team
  • Modern technology and techniques, such as CAD/CAM and a personalized surgical guide, for efficiency, precision, and comfort
  • Relaxing amenities like warm blankets
  • High-quality materials from respected, time-tested brands

Celebrate a new independence day when you gain freedom from loose dentures. Call Inspiring Smiles at 770-738-4103 for an appointment to discuss your life with implants. You can also schedule online.