Save Your Smile by Getting Emergency Care

You want relief as soon as possible when you are having a dental emergency. Our Silver City, GA emergency dentist at Inspiring Smiles will make every effort to see you the same day that you contact us about your situation.

Whether we are treating you or one of your loved ones, you can feel confident that we are prepared to handle your particular problem. Our caring professionals have the skills and experience to address your immediate concern and put your mind at ease.

If you are feeling anxious, that’s understandable. Using local anesthetic and sedation, we can prevent you from feeling pain and put your mind at ease.

Prior to your arrival at our office, you can do some things as a kind of dental first aid:

  • Rinse your mouth with water and apply gauze to stop any bleeding
  • Apply ice or a cold pack to reduce swelling if you have a broken or knocked-out tooth
  • Rinse a knocked out tooth and try to put it back in its socket
  • Keep the tooth in a container of milk if it won’t go in or stay in its socket
  • Apply dental cement to a tooth with a lost filling
  • Use dental cement to try to keep a lost crown in place
  • Cover edges of broken dental appliances with dental wax or gauze

After you receive emergency care, you want to repair your oral health. You can get your smile back in shape with our range of restorative treatments:

  • Tooth Fillings – A filling can protect your tooth from further decay and stop tooth sensitivity.
  • Root Canals – For an infected tooth, this is the solution to stop your pain and restore the function of your tooth.
  • Dental Crown – A crown a great option to fix a broken tooth, a cracked tooth, or a decayed tooth.
  • Dental Bridges – If you need to replace teeth, bridges can fill the gaps in your smile.
  • Dental Implants – Your replacement teeth can look and feel like natural teeth when you get implants to anchor your crown, bridge, or dentures.

Call Inspiring Smiles at 770-738-4103 when time is of the essence. Get care from an experienced emergency dentist in Silver City, GA. For non-emergency concerns, you can schedule online.