The Cumming, GA Dentist

Welcome to Inspiring Smiles, the dental office of Dr. Page Barden and Dr. John S. Birch.  It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality dental care in the most welcoming and comfortable environment.

Our Cumming dentist and specialists offer a complete list of dental services that will make you look and feel healthy and beautiful. Whether you are considering specialized, general or restorative services, our experienced team can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and be on your way to a healthy, beautiful and inspiring smile.

During your first visit to our office, you will first meet our welcoming team. Prior to starting your exam, the dentist in Cumming will take time to hear about your dental needs and concerns.  After your exam is complete, the doctor will create a customized plan for you.

Dr. Page Barden, the dentist in Cumming, has a deep understanding of dental phobia. He is trained to effectively provide dental care to even the most fearful patients.  Dr. Barden is state licensed to administer oral conscious sedation and has received certification in patient management with oral, intravenous (IV), and nitrous oxide sedation techniques.

WHY Inspiring Smiles?

It is important for every company that exists in business to know WHY it exists.  Inspiring Smiles is no different, for if we did not have a WHY to our existence, we would not be who we are.  That is usually followed by a HOW and a WHAT.  When put all together, these foundations define us and by these principals we steer our business course.

Our WHY at Inspiring Smiles is to find a better way and to provide it to our patients.  How we do this is to make sense out of the complex, and WHAT we do is to seek mastery and understanding.  We do it in three steps.

  1. We listen to our patients

  2. We use visual aids

  3. We have systems

Let me explain.  We actively listen to our patients needs and wants, letting them describe what they want to have as a final result.  Through models, photos and drawings we educate them to the best way we can achieve their wants.  We then have impeccable systems which allow us to deliver our best product.

In summary, the WHY of Inspiring Smiles is to find a better way and share it with our patients.  HOW we do this is by aiding our patients in making sense of their specific challenges and solve their problems.  And finally, WHAT we bring is knowledge and understanding to help them move forward.

We proudly welcome patients from the following areas: Cumming, Buford, Dahlonega, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Forsyth County and beyond!

The Mouth-Body Connection

The health of your body is strongly linked to the health of your gums. Periodontal disease is linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many other conditions. One in two American adults have some level of periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss. Dr. Barden, the Cumming, GA dentist, has spent several years gaining a specialty in Periodontics, which provides treatment for all levels periodontal (gum) disease. Contact us for an exam to determine if you will benefit from periodontal treatment.