Gum recession can give your smile an unhealthy look. Even worse, it can make you susceptible to cavities and other dental problems. Left untreated, you can lose teeth and bone. The usual fix for receding gums is a graft. But you’ve got another option at our Cumming, GA office: pinhole gum surgery.

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In the meantime, let’s contrast how the two procedures work. For a gum graft, your dentist usually removes tissue from the roof of your mouth and then stitches it to your gums to repair the recession. For a Chao Pinhole® procedure, your dentist makes a tiny opening (a “pinhole”) in your gums. He gently loosens the tissue with special instruments, then moves it to cover your tooth roots. The tissue is secured with collagen fibers.

The descriptions of these different treatments probably gives you an idea of some of the reasons you might want to get a pinhole procedure instead of a gum graft:

  • Takes Less Time – Pinhole surgery is a quicker procedure than a graft. In fact, it’s sometimes called a “lunchtime gum lift” since your dentist can typically complete it within a lunch hour. 
  • More Comfort – Without incisions or stitching, it’s a more comfortable treatment than a grafting procedure. You’ll likely need nothing more than local anesthesia. If you’re nervous, though, we can also offer you dental sedation. 
  • Easier Recovery – The lack of incisions and stitching means an easy recovery that will result in minimal, if any, bruising or swelling. In contrast to a gum graft, your eating and oral hygiene routines will return to normal almost right away. Your gums will also feel less tender, and you’ll have less chance of infection while healing. 
  • Looks Natural – The tissue used for your graft probably won’t be an exact match to your gum tissue. It will also have a white appearance during your recovery. Your dentist repositions your gum tissue during pinhole treatment, insteading of using tissue taken from another area of your mouth. So it will look completely natural. Chances are, no one will even know about your treatment. 
  • Dentist With Advanced Training – At our office, your treatment is performed by a doctor with advanced training in periodontics, the area of dentistry focused on gum health. Dr. Barden is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology. If gum disease is the cause of your recession, Dr. Barden can use several different methods to treat it, including laser therapy. 

If your teeth look longer than they used to, you can see your tooth roots, call us at 770-738-4103. We look for signs of gum disease during every exam, so we can treat it in its earliest stages before damage like recession can result. But if you notice bleeding or tender gums, chronic bad breath, or other symptoms, call us right away.