September is a time to celebrate Labor Day, the autumn equinox, and … Dental Implant Awareness Month? That’s right. If you’re missing teeth, implants can give you cause for celebration – perhaps for the rest of your life. Implants are often considered the best tooth replacement option because they:

  • Preserve your jawbone and your facial integrity
  • Boost your oral and potentially overall health
  • Allow you to eat virtually anything you want, including nutritious fruits and veggies
  • Make you look younger and more attractive
  • Keep your teeth in place no matter what you’re doing
  • Give you a full, complete smile
  • Feel and work like your real, healthy teeth
  • Can last a lifetime with proper care

There’s even more that this life-changing service can provide you. If you’re interested in how Inspiring Smiles can help you give you back your smile, call us at 770-738-4103 or schedule online. If you take our quiz below first, you can share your results with us at your consultation. And right now, you can save on the best tooth replacement option with our implant special!